Thanks to the good Dr. Anne Hartley, who asked all of these questions, here’s our FAQ page:

What do you do while you’re driving?
 We listen to the radio, NPR when we can find it, the ipod, books on CD (only one so far which was 10 hours of painful tedium, John Grisham’s The Associate), talk, and think.

Who spends the most time behind the wheel?
  So far Pat has been driving most of the time, but Caro is catching up.

Do you eat out most of the time, or do you have a cook-stove, etc?
  Both.  We have two stoves: a loaner Coleman white gas two burner stove, and a one burner lightweight backpacking stove.  We have been cooking most of our own food when we are in parks and camping.  When we’re in towns/cities we eat out a lot.

What has been your favorite meal so far?
 Tough one there’s been many, some standouts so far: Nick’s BBQ & Catfish in Arkansas, Mothers Garden Cafe in Austin TX, pretty much everywhere in Austin TX really…And now we must say we cooked a fabulous lamb loin chop with a goat cheese and cranberry salad.  Who needs to eat out?

Have you had to climb down the ladder in the middle of the night to use the john?
 Yes, it’s the only downside to the roof top tent that we have found thus far.  Sadly, Caroline will not let me pee out the window of the tent.  We try not to drink too much water in the evening, and we’re getting pretty good at holding it in. 

How is the tree house (roof top tent) worked out so far?
 It’s great!  We love it.  It’s quick to setup, has a super comfy mattress, and turns heads at the campground.


If you have a question about our trip leave it in the comments below and we’ll add it to this page.



  1. Yea, for Mother’s! We’re so glad we could catch up with you guys. Austin’s a great place to live (hint, hint).

  2. Lol! I just found your “FAQs”.

    Patrick, I can’t believe you even considered peeing out the window of the tent! 😉 You’d probably hit your windshield, anyway.

    Ah, NPR. Its a staple. Yeah, I think books on CD are best when traveling alone.

    Okay one more question: do you play any travel games while driving?

  3. You said you’ve ditched some stuff in the interest of space in the jeep…what have you discovered that you can do without?

    What has been a daily essential that you didn’t expect to be?

  4. Who does the writing? Who takes the pictures? Does the ladder to the tent acts as a support for half of the tent?

  5. Anne:
    Our daily essentials are: the GPS and a nice little knife and cutting board set that my sister gave me as a house warming gift a few years ago. We eat lots of fruits and veggies on the road, so we use it all the time.


  6. Francois:
    Thanks for your questions! Your bike trip sounded great.

    -We take turns writing the posts, then edit them together.

    -We both take photos and then go through them on the laptop to find the best ones for the blog.

    -The ladder provides some support for the tent, but not much. Most of the weight is supported by the roof rack because of the clever design of the tent.


  7. Pat, I am still very curious to see a step-by-step opening of the tent. Please take pictures before you leave for Central America, I am convinced it will be appreciated by all your readers. Enjoy!

  8. Pat… hope the trip works out well. I suggest your collegiate staple… Tabasco sauce, Ritz crackers and cheese. Maybe when you’re feeling luxurious you can fire up some tomato soup.

    Have a good time.

  9. Your pictures warm my heart and make me smile way up here in frigid Chicago, America. I hope you guys are having as much fun as it looks like and I hope there’s a book that comes out of this epic journey.

  10. Welcome home, Patrick! I heard you were sighted on the MARC train recently! It has been fun following your adventures, and I hope there are many more to come…

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