Posted by: Patrick | July 24, 2009

“like a tree house on wheels”

After a couple years of saving and a few months plotting over the maps, the trip has begun!  We’ve been getting lots of emails from friends and family to the effect of “Where’s the blog?”  Well, here it finally is!  Thanks for your patience. 
Jeep is all packed up!

Jeep is all packed up!

All our stuff barely fits, we're trying to trim it down a bit already.

All our stuff barely fits, we're trying to trim it down a bit already.

 We took off from Caroline’s parents house around 2:30pm on Wednesday, August 5th – just after I got two fillings at the dentist.  A numb mouth was not quite the feeling I wanted to depart with, but the Novocaine wore off in a couple of hours.

Before we get to far from home, we both would like to thank our wonderfully generous parents for putting us up (and putting up with us) while we were temporarily homeless after we moved out of our apartment at the end of July. And also thanks for letting us put all those boxes with our leftover possessions in your basements! We hope to make it home in 6-12 months and move those boxes out of there…

Until then, this is the place to follow us on our Journey to the South, or as the blog is titled in Spanish: Viaje al Sur.  We plan to do a couple of months of land cruising through the southern and western United States before flying off to Central and South America.

Since the 5th of August we’ve been on a south western heading stopping first in Damascus, Virginia: a rest for the night to break up the driving.  It turned out to be a nice little town focused on hiking the Appalachian Trail and biking the Virginia Creeper trail – in the middle of Deliverance country.  I swear there was banjo music playing when we pulled in late that night…

the campground...  limo RV?

the campground... limo RV?

 The campground we found seemed a little on the skeevy side at first, but it was full of nice folks who were very interested in our tent. Walking to the bathhouse a nice fellow said: “We’ve beeeen settin’ heerad-mirin’ yer tent.”  Then his buddy chimed in with: “It’s like a tree house on wheels!”  We agree, it’s like being a kid again up in a tree fort.

our 'tree house on wheels'

our 'tree house on wheels'

campground folks
campground folks

As easy as it is to poke fun at the locals, everyone we have met thus far has been genuine, friendly and helpful.  I stopped at a bike shop in Damascus to swap out the clipless pedals on Caro’s bike for flats.  Not only did the mechanic swap them out for free, he also found a pair of flat pedals laying around the shop and gave them to us for free too. 

After a great breakfast at a little coffee shop, we set off for our first real destination: the Great Smokey Mountain National Park in Tennessee.



  1. The return of the travel blog – awesome!! Can’t wait to see you guys!!

  2. I love the tent. Awesome!

  3. Great to hear your news and see the photos. The blog is such a cool way to feel connected to your journey. We’ll look forward to it daily. Have fun and stay cool.

  4. We will be following you every step of the way. Thanks for letting us come along.

  5. We are definitely on board! The tent is very cool. Are the bikes inside or out? Love AL and Bill

  6. Thanks for letting travel with you. We will be following every step!

  7. Lookin Good! Dont know your route but glacier national park Montana is amazing – get a camp site at jenny lake!! also if you get through colorado, rocky mountain national park is awesome too – hike to sky pond a must see, both blow yellowstone out of the water in my opinion. invest in some bear spray – wont ever use it but it feels nice to have.

  8. That tent is “da bomb!” (Am I showing my age already??!!) Anyway, show us more pictures of the tent. What’s it look like inside? I think I’m gonna put one on top of an old junk car in the back yard just so I can sleep up high in the trees!!

  9. wow , great pics Patrick,it has been fun reading about all the places you’re have been, Be safe, Tommy at N.I.S.T.

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